Tips to organise a room and keep everything how you want

Tips to organise a room and keep everything how you want

At BabyJoy we recognize the challenges parents encounter in maintaining organized and neat children's rooms. With toys spread out and clothes left on the ground, it can seem like a constant challenge. However, don't worry! We're here to offer you advice and strategies to establish a peaceful, tidy space that both you and your kids will appreciate.

The Importance of Maintaining a Tidy Children's Room:

Let's begin by emphasizing the importance of a tidy children's room for both parents and their little ones. Research indicates that a serene and orderly space can greatly benefit a child's mental and emotional well-being. With a clutter-free environment, children tend to feel more at ease and concentrated, resulting in better sleep and enhanced moods.

For parents, a well-organized children's room translates to reduced stress and a clearer mind. It becomes simpler to locate items, whether it's a cherished toy or a pair of socks, which saves time and minimizes frustration. Moreover, instilling in children the value of cleanliness and organization prepares them for future success.

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Strategies for Arranging a Child's Room:

  1. Foster Tidiness: Encourage children to uphold the organization systems you've established. While it might be tempting to tidy up for them, teaching them to be responsible promotes independence and essential life skills
  2. Simplify and Streamline: Begin by removing unnecessary items from your child's room. Encourage them to part with things they no longer use. A more organized space encourages creativity and leads to better sleep.
  3. Address Visible Areas First: Start by organizing surfaces like desks, dressers, and nightstands. Clearing these spaces creates a peaceful environment and offers instant gratification, motivating further organization.
  4. Group and Sort Items: Sort similar items together and make it a fun activity with your child, turning it into a game that promotes teamwork.
  5. Involve the Kids: Engage your children in the organization process, especially with toy decluttering. Teach them about sharing and donating, imparting lessons in empathy and kindness.
  6. Establish Designated Areas: Set up distinct areas for sleeping, dressing, playing, and studying. This adds order to the room and helps children learn where to place things.
  7. Use Storage Boxes: Employ boxes and containers for storage, choosing clear ones for easy identification. Use compartmentalized boxes for toys with small pieces and label containers to keep everything organized.
  8. Label Everything: Label storage bins and shelves to help everyone remember where things go. For younger children or non-readers, use pictures as labels.
  9. Explore Hidden Storage Spaces: Make the most of under-bed storage, door hooks, and wall shelves. Turn shelves into decorative and functional areas by mixing decorative items with storage solutions.
  10. Showcase Collections: Allow children to exhibit and organize their collections, be it rocks, stickers, or action figures. Assign a specific area for these special items to avoid clutter.


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