What are the most important pieces of nursery furniture for new parents?

What are the most important pieces of nursery furniture for new parents?

For parents coming up to parenthood you will be envisioning what the ideal space will be for your upcoming bundle of joy. Whilst looks of your nursery are important to create a lovely idyllic space for your little one, the practicalities of furniture are important and there are pivotal furniture items that will be just invaluable to you.

While the crib rightfully claims its place as the primary sleep haven for the baby, the changing unit and nursing chair are the underrated heroes for parents. They are the destined places which prove valuable times over when you need to change or feed your baby.

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The Versatile Changing Unit: Your Ultimate Multitasker

Imagine a lively melody of milk-induced burps and well, let's just say it's time for a diaper change. Enter your changing unit, the marvel ready to come to your rescue and save the day, one diaper change at a time.

This piece of furniture will become a go to not only for diaper duties but also for applying creams, dressing your little one in new outfits, administering medicine (hopefully not too often!), and handling any task that involves leaning over a tiny human who squirms to make any task you do as difficult as possible :).

The height of your changing unit is important due to the considerable time you'll spend leaning over the unit. If feasible, consider a unit with a padded changing mat, your baby's sensitive bottom will undoubtedly express its gratitude.

The amount parents will use a changing unit means that a unit should not be selected just by looks but by it's practicality. The unit needs to be robust, spacious, and have ample storage for everything you will need at arms reach. In this regard, drawers become indispensable, providing convenient access to essential items like baby wipes, vests, socks, bibs, and diaper creams. Bigger drawers will enable larger items such as blankets and spare clothes to be stored.

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The Nursing Chair: Your Inviting Haven of Comfort Now

Shift your focus to the frequently underestimated champion of the nursery: the nursing chair. It excels in supporting breastfeeding but it's functionality extends beyond just these moments.

This chair is your cozy place where you'll spend numerous hours, gently rocking your little one to sleep, narrating bedtime stories, and relishing those invaluable newborn snuggles. And, let's admit it, occasionally, those bedtime rituals can evolve from a brief lullaby into an extended hour-long marathon.

That's why making a wise investment in a nursing chair that provides ample support and comfort is essential. Seek out a chair with solid back and armrest support, and if it rocks or glides, consider it a bonus – those gentle movements can be incredibly soothing when trying to calm a fussy baby to sleep. Additionally, padded armrests are a smart feature, helping prevent any accidental head bumps from your drowsy little one.

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When it comes to this particular piece of furniture, don't hesitate to indulge a bit. View it as an investment in your well-being and comfort (let's be honest, you deserve all the pampering you can get during those sleep-deprived newborn days).

Bonus Tip: Opt for a chair with removable and washable cushions – spills are inevitable (and not just from the baby!).

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There you have it whilst the crib is often the piece of furniture that is most talked about. The changing unit and nursery chair prove a much loved piece of furniture for the parent and baby in those early days. So it's important to choose these wisely to ensure both you and your baby navigate those early days in style but more importantly comfort.

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